How to Get Windows Terminal Fonts (Cascadia Code) on an Ubuntu Terminal

How to Get Windows Terminal Fonts (Cascadia Code) on an Ubuntu Terminal

Step-by-step guide for downloading, installing, and managing Windows Terminal Cascadia Code fonts on Terminal Ubuntu

Microsoft has released a new font for command line applications and code editors. A new and sleek monospace font known as Cascadia Code is created hand in hand with Terminal Windows. The name Cascadia Code is a remnant of the fact, that the code name for the Windows Terminal project was Cascadia before it was released.

Strangely, Microsoft has released the Cascadia Code under the SIL Open Font license on GitHub. Thus, you can use Cascadia Code fonts for personal use or even for commercial purposes.

In this article, we will download the Terminal Windows font (Cascadia Code) and use it as a special font in Terminal on the Ubuntu system.

Download and Install the ‘Cascadia Code’ Font

Cascadia Code is available for anyone to download and use on the GitHub release page. Look for the latest version of the font on the page, and under the ‘Assets’ section, click on’ CascadiaCode _ *. Zip file link ‘to download fonts.


After the Cacadia Code zip file is downloaded, right-click on it and click ‘Extract Here’ from the menu.


This option will extract the contents of the zip file in the new folder. The folder name will be the same as the zip file. Double click on the folder to see the contents.

The contents of the zip file include the Cascadia Code in three formats namely otf (OpenType Fonts), ttf (TrueType Fonts) and woff2 (Web Open Font Format).


You can choose to install the otf or ttf format. We recommend installing the TTF format from Cascadia Code. Double-click on the ttf folder, and you will see four different Cascadia Code font variations.

We need to install the standard version of Cascadia Code, so double click on the CascadiaCode.ttf file.


The font application window will open displaying the Cascadia Code font. Click the ‘Install’ button to install the font.


The Cascadia Code (Windows Terminal font) is now installed on our Ubuntu 20.04 System. Thus, we can now switch to changing the Ubuntu Terminal font.

Use Cascadia Code as a Font for the Ubuntu Terminal

To change the font used by the Ubuntu Terminal we need to open Terminal first. Open the Ubuntu Application menu then type terminal in the search bar and open it. Or, you can use Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut to open Terminal.


Now that your Ubuntu Terminal is running, you can change the font by changing the settings in preferences. Click the ≡ button (the three bar button) next to the search button in the title bar. Then select the ‘Preferences’ option from the menu.


In the preferences window, look for the profile section in the sidebar and click on your profile. The default Ubuntu terminal profile is named ‘Not Named’.

Terminal Profiles

Click on the ‘Custom fonts’ checkbox on the Text tab under the Text Appearance section to enable special fonts for your Terminal profile. Then, click the Regular Monospace tabular button.


Enable Custom Font

A window titled Choose a Terminal Font will open, type or paste the Cascadia Code in the search bar and select the ‘Cascadia Code Regular’ font from the available variations. Finally, click the ‘Select’ button in the upper-right corner of the window to save the selection.


Select Cascadia Code

Close the ‘Preferences’ window after selecting the Cascadia font as your custom font.

When you return to the Ubuntu Terminal screen, you will see the Cascadia Code font in action.


Cascadia Code Font.

We have installed the Cascadia Code (Windows Terminal) font on the Ubuntu 20.04 system and set it as a special font for the Ubuntu Terminal. This same method can be used to set other fonts in the Ubuntu Terminal.

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